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Would You Foster a Small Dog This Year?

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Fostering a dog can help save a life, and add a new fur family member to your household.

“Thanks for taking me into your home! Woof!”

Many animal lovers have decided to make the choice to help take care of a homeless pet instead of adopting, but soon find out that they actually do want them permanently in their home. Would you foster a small dog this year? Learn how these women fell in love with the fur babies they were helping.

Would You Foster a Small Dog This Year?

The following folks found a common solution to this quandary, one that not only saves lives but oftentimes delivers a lifetime of happiness, too: they decided to adopt their foster dogs and became what rescue workers lovingly call foster failures. Read their stories at your own peril—there’s a very real risk you’ll find yourself signing up to foster dogs in your own community! (The rewards couldn’t be greater.)  


Maria Kelly never planned on having dogs. She was a cat lover, a mother, and a full-time animal welfare professional, and her life was bursting at the seams already. Though she would have said a dog was nowhere in the cards, fate had other plans for her. Maria was volunteering with her co-workers at a municipal shelter two hours away from San Francisco when she met Edie for the first time.


“We were hauling old furniture and cleaning weeds off the shelter grounds,” recalls Maria. “Just before we were ready to load out, a staff member on the premise asked my colleague, a vet tech, if she could take a look at a stray that was brought in. The dog had been hit by a car.” Read more about Foster Dogs in The Very Serious Side Effect to Dog Fostering here.

It’s no wonder these humans couldn’t stay away from these precious dogs! Would you foster a small dog this year? If the answer is yes, you may just find the right fur baby for your household and help save a life at the same time.

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