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5 Tips To Train Your Small Dog For Travel

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Credit: YouTube Sonia Gil

Sonia Gil is a travel blogger and she often travels with her small dog, Macho. She shares five tips for acclimating your dog when traveling and preparing your small dog for the travel. This would make a huge difference to your travel with small dog and can make it it happy experience for both of you.

1. Help Your Dog Love Its Carrier

If the carrier is a happy familiar place, your pet is going to be very comfortable and the whole journey is going to be a happy experience for you and your small dog. Getting your carrier ahead of time and create happy associations with it for your small dog. Make proper introductions to your pet with the new carrier. Couple of ways to do that. You could give your small dog treat inside it, or play around the new carrier. Make sure you are not doing anything that scares the dog around it. Keyword is, happy association.

2. Help Your Dog Get Used to Carrier

Next step is acclimating your small dog with the carrier. What you need to do is gradually you need to put your small dog in the carrier for an extended version of time. You could gradually increase the time and may be in the first the time, you be around your pet. So starts with 10 minutes, then 30 minutes, and hour and may be up to 3 hours depending upon the future travel hours are going to be.

3. Recreate plane ride

Once your small dog is comfortable with the carrier, what you need to do next is a flight stimulation for your pet. You need to recreate what a plane ride would be like for your pet. The best way to do this, according to Cesar Millan, is to keep the carrier on the floor of your car and that stimulate the vibrations of the plane for your dog. This makes it easy for your dog and not going to be a big surprise when the actual journey comes.

4. Use Wee Wee Pads

Training your dog with Wee Wee Pads became handy when it comes to traveling and staying in a hotel room. These sanitary pads provide worry free training and an alternative to outdoor relief for your small dog. You can use it in the hotel bathroom and allow your small dog to do its business their.

5. Use Positive Associations

Positive associate is a big part when it comes to training your pet for travel. If your pet has a favorite blanket or a toy take that with your travel. The idea is to give a familiarity and keeping your small dog around the things that feels like home as much as possible.

Checkout Sonia’s YouTube channel for more travel trips for your pet.