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Train Your Small Dog To Not Beg

You can retrain your small dog(s) to not beg at meal time. Photo courtesy David K, Flickr Follow Me on Pinterest

You can retrain your small dog(s) to not beg at meal time. Photo courtesy David K, Flickr

“Can I have a piece? Please! Woof!”

Meal time should be a great moment of connecting with family and enjoying good food. But sometimes our fur babies can be quite persistent in wanting to share our goodies. Here are some great tips on how to train your small dog to not beg, which will also keep them healthier.




Train Your Small Dog To Not Beg

Dog begging for food is one of the most common discipline issues that dog owners face. An unfortunate side effect of loving our dogs so much is that we would like to give them everything that they want. So when our dogs start begging for food, it’s almost too much for us to bear… and we cave!


With a little willpower and discipline on your part, though, begging can be one of the easiest behaviors to correct. Follow these simple tips to turn your hairy panhandler into a productive member of society once more!


    • Do not give food to begging dog. This tip may seem like common sense, but you’d be surprised how few people consider it when they’re looking into the wide, wet eyes of their beloved canine companion. That high-pitched whine is an effective tool against you, and your dog knows it. Why? Because it’s worked before! Giving food is a form of affection, and giving affection reinforces the behavior preceding it. Your dog has learned that if he begs, he gets food! Take a stand and start a new trend. Find the willpower to withhold that food, and your dog will learn that he can’t expect rewards for begging behavior.
    • Ignore begging dog. Begging is an attention-seeking behavior. Rather than give in to your dog’s demands, ignore the behavior and teach your dog that it does not get results! When you talk to your dog, give him affection, or engage in direct eye contact, you are feeding his mental state. Instead, practice no touch, no talk, no eye contact. Read more about Dogs begging in How to Handle a Dog Begging for Food here.

In order to break the habit and train your small to not beg it is important to stay consistent and not give into their demands. Create a special time for treats, and if necessary you may need to place your dog in another room at meal time. By following these tips you can change your fur baby’s behavior and not be tempted to give them human food that might not be good for them as well.

Tell us below how you helped your dog to stop begging!

“You Can Stop Your Dog From Begging”