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This Airline Makes Dog Travel Easier

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Flying with your small dog is now a lot easier with Delta’s new rules. Photo courtesy Jeremy Nix, Flickr.

“I love going places with my human. Woof!”

If you have ever gone to the airport with your fur baby(s) then you know how difficult and risky it can be to check in your beloved pet as luggage. Check out how this airline makes dog travel easier with new rules that allow your pet to be with you.



This Airline Makes Dog Travel Easier

On March 1, Delta rolled out changes to its pet travel policies. For the first time, the airline has decided to stop accepting animals as checked luggage—a common practice where dogs and cats are checked (in carriers or crates) and shepherded through the airport by luggage handlers rather than specially trained support staff. Now, anyone looking to travel with their dog, cat, or turkey will need to bring their pet aboard the main cabin in an approved carrier—or they’ll have to buy a separate plane ticket, possibly for a different flight, via Delta Cargo.  Read more about Dog Travel in Delta is Taking a Strong Stance About Flying With Dogs here.

It’s great to learn that this airline makes dog travel easier, and passengers can now enjoy the trip with their fur baby(s). There are several ways you can now fly with your pooch, including bringing them on board with an approved carrier, which is a safer environment with less risk to their health. The airline had reported over a dozen incidents, many of which resulted in death, and so this is a sigh of relief for dog owners. Hopefully this trend will continue with other companies!

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