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The Best Dog Breeds For A Family

Many dog breeds are great for families, such as the Basset Hound.

Many dog breeds are great for families, such as the Basset Hound.

“We love little humans! Woof, woof!”

When it comes to selecting the right fur baby for your lifestyle it can be a bit of a challenge to research which one is right for you? Here is a helpful top ten list of the best dog breeds for a family, with facts and tips on what to look for. And many shelters and animal rescue groups can provide good information as well when bringing home a new fur family member.

The Best Dog Breeds For A Family

PetMD compiled a list of the ten most family friendly dog breeds. Cesar’s Way takes a look at that list and offers our comments. Of course, the best way to have a family friendly dog is to ensure that the dog considers every human member of the family as its pack leader.



The great advantage of bulldogs? They’re sturdy, so they can take anything that rambunctious kids throw at them, while they’re not very energetic. End result? A dog that will put up with a lot. They’re also not picky about where they live, so both small apartments and large houses are fine.



If you don’t mind a bit of high maintenance when it comes to brushing and bathing, Charlie Brown’s best friend is an ideal dog for families with children. Energetic and friendly, beagles are also sturdy and mostly child-proof, and your kids will wear out before they do. They also make good nannies that can help you herd the young ones at bed time, and have endearingly humorous habits, like howling, which can be very amusing in small doses. Read more about Dog Breeds in The Ten Best Family Dog Breeds here.

With so many great choices out there it is not to hard to discover the best dog breeds for a family. The beagle, for example, is known for being a playful friend for children. And poodles are hypoallergenic! Whatever breed you choose, make sure to spend time with them before bringing a new dog home.

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