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Thanksgiving Travel Tips for Your Small Dog

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Travel with your small dog at Thanksgiving can be both fun and safe. Photo Alexei Kuznetsov, Flickr.

“I’m excited mom, and dad! We’re going on a trip! Woof!”

This holiday many of us have the opportunity to take our fur babies with us whether it be by car, airplane or train. There are several great Thanksgiving travel tips for your small dog to follow in order to make this a safe and happy time. Enjoy your long weekend and make some great memories!


Thanksgiving Travel Tips for Your Small Dog

Are you taking a Thanksgiving Day road trip with your pet?  Before you start dreaming of homemade pies, keep in mind that it’s important to plan ahead for pet travel and always keep the best interests of your furry, four-legged friend in mind.  Here is an article by our animal-loving friend Kim Salerno at TripsWithPets.com about how traveling with your pet can be a wonderful bonding experience or a not so pleasant one.  It’s all a matter of proper planning and preparation! Your first decision is whether to bring your pet along with you on your trip.  Not all pets are suited for travel. While it may be very tempting to bring your pet with you, keep in mind that not all pets are happy travelers.  Things to consider include your pet’s temperament, any physical impairments, or if your pet suffers from an illness.  If you’re uncertain whether your pet is suited for travel, you may want to consult with your veterinarian.


If you determine that your pet is up for the trip, then following some common sense tips will help to ensure that your Thanksgiving Day travels with your furry friend is enjoyable for both of you! Read more about Dog Travel in Traveling with your Pet Thanksgiving Day? Pet Travel Tips for the Road here.

When choosing to travel with your fur baby(s) consider these Thanksgiving travel tips for your small dog, and be sure to check ahead of time about any traffic changes, airline requirements and restrictions. You can find an airline travel list right here on our website by reading our Pet Airline Travel section.

Do you travel with your small dog(s) at Thanksgiving?

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