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Teen Catches The Dog Health Vision

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Annie Blumenfeld is the Founder and President of Wags 4 Hope – Photo courtesy facebook.com/wags4hope

“Thank you for showing humans how to help us live longer. Woof!”

When it comes to pet illness we can be in the dark about what’s going on until we speak to a veterinarian. Many of these situations can be prevented with the right knowledge. Learn how one teen catches the dog health vision in her quest to bring public awareness to helping people prevent sickness in their pets.

Teen Catches The Dog Health Vision

When we first met Annie Blumenfeld of Fairfield, Connecticut, in August 2013, she was a 15-year-old high-school sophomore. Her then-2-year-old dog, Teddy, had been rescued by Houston Shaggy Dog Rescue and had heartworm disease.


It was heartbreaking for her to watch Teddy undergo such a long, painful, and expensive treatment process for a completely preventable condition.


Annie wanted to educate herself and make a difference. She founded Wags4Hope to do exactly that and remains its president two years later. Through the nonprofit, she continues to spread heartworm disease awareness and also supports shelter dogs’ medical needs, including heartworm disease, until they find their forever homes. Read more Dogs and Health in We Catch Up With Annie Blumenfeld, a Teen Advocate for Animal Health here.

As this teen catches the dog health vision more people will be able to help their fur children stay happy and healthy. It’s incredible how this young woman has taken the lead in such a challenging topic.

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