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Spring Travel Tips for Your Small Dog

Travel can be great with your dog this Spring with a few tips to follow. Follow Me on Pinterest

Travel can be great with your dog this Spring with a few tips to follow.

“Let’s go mom, and dad! I love going places with you! Woof!”

This season many of us have the opportunity to travel with our fur babies either by car, airplane or train. Here are a few great Spring travel tips for your small dog to follow in order to make this a success. Enjoy leaving Winter behind and make some great memories with your fur baby(s)!




Spring Travel Tips for Your Small Dog

Traveling with your dog? Sure it requires some extra planning, but in many cases is the preferred option for dogs and owners alike. Nobody, at least not in my pack, likes to be left behind.


Here are 10 helpful tips to help you get prepared for your next adventure with your four-legged friend. (Got a cat? Read our tips for bringing a kitty as a carry-on pet.)


1. Brings lots of treats. Bribery will get a pet owner everywhere, especially if they need to get their dog to behave. Even the most well-behaved dogs can have an off day when faced with unfamiliar surroundings and situations.


2. Find the nearest emergency vet. Before you travel, research where the closest vet and emergency vet is to your destination. You never know when this information could come in handy and it’s better to have it at your fingertips than scrambling with your smartphone in an emergency situation. Or after your dog’s been bitten and bloodied at the dog park. True story.


3. Determine where your pet can – and cannot – go. Traveling with a dog requires an extra layer of logistical planning. Before you book a hotel room or plan a hike, make sure your four-legged friend is welcome.


4. Pack food and medications. Consistency is key to successful dog travel. If your dog eats a certain kind of food, bring it with you. Switching things up during a potentially stressful time can lead to some not-so pleasant results, if you know what I mean. Also, pack any prescriptions your dog may be taking, plus a few extra days of meds in case of delays. Read more about Dog Travel in How to Travel With Your Best Friend: 10 Tips for Jetsetting Dog Parents here.

On your next adventure with your fur baby(s) consider these Spring travel tips for your small dog, and be sure to check ahead of time about any traffic updates, airline requirements and restrictions. And new this year Amtrak has just announced that it will now accepts pets on board its trains, which is great news for leisure travelers. An airline travel list is available right here on our website as well by reading our Pet Airline Travel page.

Do you travel with your small dog(s) at Springtime?

What are you favorite places to go?

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