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Should You Groom Your Small Dog in the Winter?

Small dogs can still be groomed in the cold weather months. Photo courtesy lparent, Flickr Follow Me on Pinterest

Small dogs can still be groomed in the cold weather months. Photo courtesy lparent, Flickr

“I sure don’t like being cold after a bath mom and dad. Woof!”

Dogs can’t tell us when they are cold, and so it is especially important to be more aware of Winter weather conditions when keeping them clean.

Should you groom your small dog in the Winter?

The answer is yes, but there are a few tips to keep in mind when the temperature outside is less than ideal.

 Should You Groom Your Small Dog in the Winter?

Winter’s chill still has its hold on most of the country, bringing with it special grooming concerns for dog owners. For example, should you bathe your dog when temperatures are low? How can you handle those muddy paws? Here are answers to those questions and a few more.


Winter Bath Time


Yes, it’s all right to bathe your dog in the wintertime. In fact, dogs sometimes need more grooming then. Longer, fluffier coats tend to mat, and walks through mud and snow are messy. If your dog is indoors to keep warm, you may be especially eager to bathe him to keep “doggie” odor to a minimum.


The dog must be completely dry before going outside, because a wet dog is more likely to become chilled. This is especially true of small breeds or those with short hair. Prolonged exposure to cold results in a drop in body temperature, or hypothermia, and it is most likely to occur when a dog is wet. Read more about Dog Grooming in Winter in Grooming Dogs for Winter Weather here.

Once you decide on should you groom your small dog in the Winter there are a few things to consider during the cold season.

  • Keep your small dog indoors as much as possible right after a bath. Avoid outside play time and walks for at least one hour.
  • Have a towel on hand to absorb as much moisture as possible.
  • Brush and groom your small dog on a regular basis and utilize a deodorizer if waiting longer between baths.
  • Make a day of it at your groomer. If it is in your budget you can utilize this service during cold weather months.
  • Utilize a coat or sweater when your small dog needs to go outside after grooming and bath time.
  • Keep your small dog away from any drafts or cold areas indoors.

It’s important to maintain your small dog’s coat and nails during the Winter months. You may not be able to bath them as often, but you can still help them stay clean and well groomed. For more tips on this topic see also our article entitled, It’s Bath Time! How to Groom Your Yorkie.

How do you maintain your small dog’s grooming during the Winter months?

Tell us your ideas below!