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Should You Bathe Your Small Dog Often?

How often to bathe your dog depends on several factors. Photo courtesy Mike Coll, Flickr Follow Me on Pinterest

How often to bathe your dog depends on several factors. Photo courtesy Mike Coll, Flickr

“Thanks for keeping my coat nice mom and dad. Woof!”

We humans tend to bathe at least once a day. Our fur babies, however; do not need this type of grooming. But the question that often gets asked is, should you bathe your small dog often? Depending on the type of small dog and the activity level this will be a case by case decision. And some dog owners only do this once a month. There are several things to consider when determining the frequency of grooming your small dog.




Should You Bathe Your Small Dog Often?

The simple answer to this question of how often to bathe a dog is: how often do you want to bathe your dog? Unless a dog has skin problems, there is no specific need to bathe the dog except to make him a more enjoyable companion.


Just like people, some dogs get stinky faster than others. I have known dogs that have never had a bath in their life and do not have an unpleasant smell, but my own dogs get bathed weekly. Read more about Dog Bathing in How Often to Bathe a Dog here.

While frequent dog bathing can work for some dog breeds that have more of a body odor like Pugs and Bulldogs, there are other small dogs that are not as susceptible to a strong smell such as the Shih Tzu, Papillon, and Boston Terrier. When asking the question should you bathe your small dog often?, many veterinarians suggest only once per month. And if you decide to bathe your fur baby more frequently here are a few suggestions:

  • Use a gentle shampoo formulated just for dogs, and not humans, as our canines have a different pH balance. Human grade shampoos tend to make their skin too dry and itchy.
  • If you have a flea problem and need to bathe your small dog more frequently try one part vinegar to three parts water instead of a shampoo with harsh chemicals and pesticides. You will still need to avoid any contact with the eyes.
  • Each time you bathe your small dog remember to clean their ears with an ear solution. This can be found at your local pet store or through your veterinarian.

Other considerations for bathing your small dog are the health and age of your dog, how often you have them spend time outdoors, and whether they have sensitive skin. There are many all-natural dog shampoo products available, which are chemical-free and safe for your small dog.

How often do you bathe your dog?

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