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Safety Tips on Small Dogs and Vehicles

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There are many things such as a dog crate or special seat belt to help keep your pet safe while traveling.

“Can I sit in your lap? I want to drive. Woof!”

Many of us have allowed our precious fur babies to ride along while we are driving. But this could potentially cause an accident and harm you and your pet. Here are some great safety tips on small dogs and vehicles that will keep you both protected this summer travel season.

Safety Tips on Small Dogs and Vehicles

Recently, texting while driving has been severely under fire as more people using their smartphones behind the wheel end up in accidents. Of course, texting is by no means the only thing that can distract someone from the road. Talking on your phone is just as bad, as is fiddling with your stereo, reaching for a drink, using your GPS device, rubbernecking, turning to talk to someone else in the car… and, of course, unrestrained pets.


“But my dog isn’t a distraction,” you argue. Well, that’s a point that’s up for debate, and lawmakers in a number of states are coming down on the side of safety. Technically, only Hawaii has a specific law banning pets from riding in drivers’ laps, but many other states say that their distracted driving laws would also cover pets even though they aren’t mentioned directly.


How do we know that pets are distractions in cars? Because, when surveyed by AAA, almost 60 percent of dog owners said that they’d driven while their dogs were distracting them. According to a TripsWithDogs.com survey, 64 percent of dog owners admitted to “engaging in a potentially distracting pet-related activity” while driving. Read more about Dogs and Safety in Dog-stracted driving: How your dog puts you at risk here.

Driving with your dog could put both of you at risk. Using these safety tips on small dogs and vehicles there are many options available such as a travel crate, car seat made just for dogs, and even attached seat belts that can be fitted to a harness. Make your summer fun safe this year!

What tips do you have for safe dog travel?

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