12 April 2017 ~ 0 Comments

Petcube Bites: Treat & Care for Your Dog Remotely

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You may have seen the original PetCube, which is a pet camera that allows you to play and interact with your dog while your away on vacation or at the office using a laser. Well, now they’ve come out with a new version that allows you to literally launch treats at your dog using your smart phone.

The PetCube Bites allows you to connect to the device using your smart phone and see, hear, and talk to your dog through your phone with a clear 1080p wide angle video. Plus it has other features like digital zoom, night vision, and of course a treat dispenser that launches the treat forward for your dog to catch.

The PetCube Bites KickStarter Project was a huge success with 2,229 backers pledged $319,193 to help bring this project to life. You can preorder the product on Amazon Lunch.

  • View your pet in clear 1080p HD, and get up close and personal with 4x digital zoom. Great in low-light and no-light conditions with night vision.
  • Interact with your furry ones using 2-way audio, and leave personalized messages when dispensing treats.
  • Your pets can get in touch with you. Get notified of your pet’s movements with sound and motion alerts.
  • Never run out of treats. Petcube Bites and Amazon Dash Replenishment help make sure you always have treats when you need them.