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Labor Day Hiking Tips For Your Small Dog


Hiking is a great way to enjoy the Labor Day weekend. Photo courtesy vastateparksstaff, Flickr

“This a fun trail mom and dad. Can you take me here again? Woof!”

Happy Labor Day everyone! Hopefully you have been enjoying a great weekend with your fur baby(s). Some of you might be planning an outdoor trip, and so we have some great Labor Day hiking tips for your small dog. Enjoy your day and even if you’re not going anywhere this weekend, there is still time this summer and Fall to travel outdoors with your dog(s).

Labor Day Hiking Tips For Your Small Dog

There are many great dog-friendly trails across the country that you and your dog can explore near home or on the road. You can spend hours together taking in scenic views while exercising. It’s a great bonding experience, but Fido may sniff into trouble if you’re not fully prepared.


Andrea Servadio, co-founder of Fitdog Sports Club, says, “Let your dog have fun and explore.  But at the same time, don’t let them mull around and sniff too much. You are out there for exercise, so keep up a good pace so both of you get the maximum benefit.


Before you hit the trails, make sure you’re well prepared. Servadio shares a few tips so you and your dog can enjoy an active outdoor adventures.


Watch Out for Critters

The best way to avoid wildlife is to go on a trail that has a lot of foot traffic. This typically keeps critters away from the area. On remote trails, you want to make sure your dog is by your side. This way you can look out for any potential dangers in the area.  If your dog does not heel off leash, then it’s safer to have your dog on-leash.


Look Out for Dangerous Plants

Keep your dog focused on the trail, away from dense woods or foliage, because you never know what dangerous plants or animals are waiting there for your dog.  A main concern when out hiking is the Foxtail plant, a grass-like weed. The barbed seed heads can burrow into your dog’s nose, paws and body, eventually finding their way to organs such as the lungs or brain, which can lead to death.


If your dog is around prickly plants, make sure to do full-body check after a hike and remove anything that has penetrated the skin before it turns into an infection or travels to any organs.


Also make sure your dog is not eating any plants he finds out in the wild. Read more about Dogs and Hiking in Hiking With Your Dog: Tips and Tricks here.

Are you ready to have some fun with these Labor Day hiking tips for your small dog today? Hopefully this great advice will get you prepared for a wonderful adventure with your fur baby with long lasting memories!

Do you take your dog(s) on hiking trips?

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“Hiking Is A Fun Idea For Your Dog On Labor Day!”