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Keeping Your Small Dog at A Healthy Weight

Certain dog breeds may be more prone to weight gain than others. Follow Me on Pinterest

Certain dog breeds may be more prone to weight gain than others.

“Just one more treat? Woof!”

It’s so easy for many of our fur babies to pack on the pounds, especially as they age. But there are several ways you can help them lose the fat. Here are some great tips on keeping your small dog at a healthy weight, and helping them live a long life.

Keeping Your Small Dog at A Healthy Weight

Like humans, pets can become obese and develop excess body fat, which can lead to serious health problems, such as diabetes or degenerative joint disease. In order to provide your furry best friend with the highest quality of life and increase their life span, be sure to follow these simple steps to prevent your pet from becoming obese.


Weight gain in pets is often a result of overfeeding and lack of exercise. To keep your pet at a healthy weight, be sure to provide a healthy balance between food intake and physical activity. For example, give your dog or cat two to three meals a day instead of providing food at all times, and make sure to include at least one daily walk or some playtime.


Maintaining a healthy weight for dogs and cats also depends on the type of food they eat on a daily basis. Owners should choose an appropriate pet food according to the animal’s age, weight, and activity level. Generally, younger dogs and cats need to consume more calories per pound of body weight than older dogs and cats. Animals with active lifestyles and pregnant or nursing females require more protein, minerals, and calories in their diet. Read more about Dog Health in How to Prevent Obesity In Pets here.

Keeping your small dog at a healthy weight is easy to do once you know what steps to take for your particular situation. For example, a simple diet change can help them start shedding pounds right away, along with plenty of exercise each day whether that be indoor playtime or going for a walk. Your senior dog may need special attention, and so you may want to consider hiring a trainer to help you find the best way to keep them in shape.

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