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Jonathan Scott Adores Small Dogs

Jonathan Scott has a big heart for small dogs. Photo courtesy Jonathan Silver Scott, Facebook

Jonathan Scott has a big heart for small dogs. Photo courtesy Jonathan Silver Scott, Facebook

“We love our dad. He spoils us! Woof, woof!”

When Jonathan Scott is not renovating homes on the television show, Property Brothers, he’s quite content to be at home with his pint-size fur babies. Find out why Jonathan Scott adores small dogs in this fun interview as he also talks about some misconceptions people might have about them.




Jonathan Scott Adores Small Dogs

Chad and I were at a dinner party when one of my friends leaned over and confessed: “I find your husband uncomfortably good-looking.” While I couldn’t help but agree, knowing whole-heartedly I scored in the life-mate department, her description has always stuck with me. Uncomfortably good-looking. A compliment, to be sure, but nonetheless a peculiar word choice to describe what I can only call that rugged brand of fishing-supplies-catalogue-model look.


While totally enamoured with Rad Chad, I’d be lying if my friend’s words didn’t pop into my head when there was a knock on the door and it was Jonathan Scott on the other side. Yes, uncomfortably good-looking. At 6-foot-5, a construction dude with—I couldn’t help but notice—fine taste in fabulous footwear (Italian, I think?), Jonathan makes up 50 percent of the hit series Property Brothers’ co-hosting team. Along with twin brother Drew, put simply, the brothers are gaining more attention than a hot real estate market, as their show tops the ratings on both the W Network and HGTV.


While Chad and I have been renovating a 1937 hofme in Deep Cove, a seaside Vancouver area neighbourhood that screams location, location, location, the process has been one big year-long headache, headache, headache. So when the property face-lift surgeon himself shows up, I immediately feel the tides of Deep Cove change for the better: a wave of good energy washing away the psychic remnants of burst pipes, blown budgets, and—the bane of my existence—a never-ending deck construction that created a leak in the ceiling beneath it. But as much as I wish Jonathan Scott were here to announce he’s abandoning the show in order to tackle my house instead, that’s not the case. Instead, over cups of green tea, we talk about this licensed contractor’s two general foremen. Or, make that, his two general foredogs, Gracie and Stewie. While not rumoured to be uncomfortably good-looking, they do seem uncomfortably well behaved, not to mention uncomfortably fortunate to have the dad they do. Read more about Jonathan Scott and Small Dogs in Property Brothers’ Jonathan Scott Loves Little Dogs here.

Isn’t it great to see such a rugged man embrace smaller sized dogs? Even though he grew up with large dogs it is apparent that Jonathan Scott adores small dogs, and especially dotes on his own fur babies. Why stop at just two?

What about you? How many small dogs do you have?

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“Meet Jonathan Scott’s Adorable Small Dogs”