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Is Your Small Dog Afraid of Men?

Proper socialization can help remedy a dog's fear of men. Follow Me on Pinterest

Proper socialization can help remedy a dog’s fear of men.

“I don’t trust you. Woof!”

Our dogs are meant to be companions for us, but sometimes they may have fear and anxiety issues, which cause them to pull back from us. Is your small dog afraid of men? Find out why this is a common problem and how to use the right behavior training to correct it.

Is Your Small Dog Afraid of Men?

One of the common fears people report their dogs having is of men in general. This seems ironic given that dogs are known as “man’s best friend,” but if there’s one class of people that some dogs seem to fear, it would be men. So why is this?


There’s an old saying—a dog that’s been burned is afraid of a cold stove—and there’s some truth in it. Because dogs live by their instincts, it can take as little as one bad experience with something to make a dog forever fearful of anything similar.


While it’s a bad thing when humans do it, dogs do generalize. So, for example, if a broom falls over and almost hits a puppy, this can lead to an adult dog that’s afraid of anything that looks like a stick. Read more about Dog Training in When your dog is afraid of men here.

Is your small dog afraid of men? The good news is that you can help them overcome this anxiety with the right training techniques. Sometimes it’s as simple as encouraging more socialization with men and changing the tone of our voice.

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