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How to Prepare Your Small Dog for Long Train Trips

How to Prepare Your Small Dog for Long Train Trips Follow Me on Pinterest

Traveling on train is less stressful for your pet and you can avoid separation anxiety during your holiday travel according to Virgin Trains. Here are few tips from them on preparing your pet for the train trips.

Prep your pet for long trips:

  • Take your pet on a series of short trips before covering long distances by train – animals will feel at ease in a train carriage if they have experienced practice rides
  • Ensure your pet is happy spending time in a travel carrier e.g. by placing their food dish inside the carrier and leaving them in the confined space for brief periods

Provide identification for your pet

  • As well as ensuring your pet is micro-chipped for identification, buy a temporary travel tag for the duration of the train journey and carry a current photograph of your pet so that if you are separated they can be easily identified

Pack a pet-friendly travel kit

  • Pack pet food, treats, bottled water, bedding, litter box, leash, and any necessary medications. Animals will also need a container to eat and drink from. Packing a few of your pet’s favourite toys will comfort your animal, giving them something familiar to play with, reminding them of home

Practise socialising your animal

  • Ensure your pet is used to busy places. Ideally, this should be done from a young age as socialising your pet develops their confidence in dealing with all types of new conditions
  • Get your pet used to new experiences they may encounter outside of the home and in a train carriage. This will teach them to be outgoing and friendly, compared to a lack of socialisation that may lead to anxiety and fear of the unknown