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How Clean is Your Small Dog’s Mouth?

Both humans and animals have bacteria and fungus in their mouths. Follow Me on Pinterest

Both humans and animals have bacteria and fungus in their mouths.

“Give me a kiss! Woof!”

We humans have different bacteria than our fur babies, which is why we need to be careful when kissing them. How clean is your small dog’s mouth? Find out what this interesting article lays out and get a better understanding of how to improve their dental health.





How Clean is Your Small Dog’s Mouth?

Are dog mouths cleaner than human mouths? Do the tongues that loll from our dog’s oral cavities really have special healing properties? These questions seem odd, if not unaccountable. After all, these are the same mouths whose daily operations prompt many of us to ask questions like, “Why do dogs eat poop?” They are the same mouths that we regularly witness cleaning the canine genital areas and toting carrion. There is no doubt that the canine mouth is a wondrous and intriguing place, but it is far from the antiseptic utopia that folk wisdom would have us imagine.


The fact is, these notions have no basis in reality. It’s useful to think of dog mouths, and their human counterparts, as distinct ecosystems with very little overlap. A more accurate term to use is “microbiome,” which comprises the entire range of microorganisms that live on, with, and inside of us. Our immune systems and hygiene practices are what keep these microbiomes in check and in balance. The difference between the bacteria and fungi that each species lives with is one of kind, not of degree. Read more about Dog Dental Health in Are Dogs’ Mouths Cleaner Than Humans’? here.

It’s interesting to learn how clean is your small dog’s mouth, especially in knowing how each of our immune systems work. In fact, we all have bacteria and fungus to deal with inside our mouths. It’s better to be safe and not kiss your fur baby on the mouth.

How do you maintain your dog’s teeth?

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