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Help Your Small Dog Adapt To The Fall Season

You can help your dog enjoy the outdoors this Fall season. Follow Me on Pinterest

You can help your dog enjoy the outdoors this Fall season.

“I don’t want to go outside mom and dad. It’s too wet. Woof!”

Rain, rain go away. Well, that is certainly going to happen for many places now that autumn is upon us. And what used to be a nice, sunny dog walk may have turned into a wet and soggy one. But there are several ways you can help your small dog adapt to the Fall season, and start enjoying the outdoors again.


Help Your Small Dog Adapt To The Fall Season

Many of us love this time of year — the changing color of the leaves, brisk fall breezes, and finally a respite from the hot weather of Summer. For your dog, however, fall may be more work than fun.


The change in the season can mean a decrease in exercise, and an increase in baths, allergens, and other unpleasantness for your dog. The following tips should help make the transition into the new season enjoyable for both you and your dog.


Health Concerns

Pet lovers may forget about such things as allergens, keeping your dog warm, medical issues, etc., that are associated with the changing temperature. With two of the biggest food holidays coming up — Halloween and Thanksgiving — dogs are in particular danger of food poisoning, choking on bones, or just overeating. Dr. Kerri Marshal, Chief Veterinary Officer at Trupanion, has a few tips to make sure your dog’s health is looked after during the fall season.


Seasonal allergies can kick in for dogs in the fall. These are most commonly skin allergies, but can also be allergic rhinitis, evidenced by sneezing, loud snorting or snoring, and clear discharge from your dog’s nose. Your veterinarian can diagnose and prescribe antihistamines or other therapy to make your dog more comfortable. Read more about Dogs in the Fall in Adapting to Autumn here.

You can help your fur baby adjust at each change of weather with these simple tips. And if their allergies persist, your veterinarian will be able to help provide medication or you may just need a change in diet. When you help your small dog adapt to the Fall season you are also giving yourself a new outlook and opportunity to enjoy it as well!

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“Autumn Has Gone To The Dogs”