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Don’t Forget! Your Small Dog Needs Clean Teeth, Too

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Proper dental cleaning can help save your small dog’s teeth. Photo courtesy, Andrew_Nielsen, Flickr

“Pant, pant, pant. Mom, dad! Why are you covering your mouth? Is it my breath?”

We take great care of our human teeth and even brush them several times a day. But what about your dog? It is easy to forget to keep maintain canine teeth, but your small dog needs clean teeth, too. Now you might be picturing yourself at the bathroom sink with a toothbrush, but there are easy ways to get the job done.

Your Small Dog Needs Clean Teeth, Too

Animals without proper oral care often begin to show signs of mouth disease later on in their life. Oral disease can lead to serious problems. Keep reading to learn how to properly care for your pet’s mouth.


1. Feed A Meat Based Diet

The right meat based diet for your dog or cat can help keep the inside of the mouth healthy and plaque free. You can also purchase other dental friendly foods like Purina DH Dental Health Canine Formula for dogs or Purina Veterinary Diet Feline Dental Health for cats. There are oral treats for dogs like Get Naked Gut Dental Chew Sticks that can also help.


2. Give Them Something To Chew On

Chew toys and the like can do a lot  to keep a dog’s teeth clean. Gnawing on the right chew toy will scrape away any soft tartar and massage your dog’s gums. Raw bones, toxin-free raw hide, or rubber chew toys should do the trick. Read more about Cleaning Your Dog’s Teeth in 6 Tips To Protect Your Pet’s Oral Health here.

Just like in human teeth, bacteria can cause a build-up of plaque on your small dog’s teeth. Remember, your small dog needs clean teeth, too! Over time this can become a threat to their overall health and you may need to have your veterinarian clean your dog’s teeth professionally if ignored. Regular maintenance at home will help your small dog’s breath not only smelling nicer, but will also help prevent decay and tooth loss.

What is your dental hygiene routine for your small dog?

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