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Does Your Small Dog Cry With Actual Tears?

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Watery eyes can be a sign of a serious health problem in your dog and should be checked out by your veterinarian.

“My eyes are bothering me. Woof!”

If your fur baby has watery eyes lately this may a sign that they need to go see a veterinarian. Does your small dog cry with actual tears? Only if there is a health issue happening, and not out of being emotional or sad like humans.




Does Your Small Dog Cry With Actual Tears?

At some point you may have looked down at your dog and noticed watery eyes. It’s easy to assume that the dog is crying, but those tears are actually caused by something other than emotions.


We know that dogs can sense our emotions, and we know they are capable of grief, but can they cry real, emotional tears?


Dogs are compassionate and sensitive animals. When we’re happy, there they are to wag their tails and share the joy. When we’re feeling blue, there they are to offer a warm cuddle and share the sadness. They are our friends, through and through. Read more about Dog Tears in When dogs cry here.

Does your small dog cry with actual tears? While these may not be based on emotion, we as dog owners need to take notice in case of an infection or an issue with their eye(s). Sometimes this may be just a passing virus, while other times a bacterial infection. Your veterinarian will be the best source as they can perform specific eye tests on your dog.

What about your dog?

Do they have tears in their eyes?

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