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Celebrating Mixed Dog Breeds

A mixed dog breed can be a great fit for your next fur baby. Photo courtesy Chris Barber, Flickr

A mixed dog breed can be a great fit as your next fur baby. Photo courtesy Chris Barber, Flickr

“I am a Terrier mix. And I am loved. Woof!”

While many of us still preserve and honor a specific dog breed such as the Yorkshire Terrier, and the Pomeranian, we humans also love and support our fur babies who are a blend. Perhaps you have rescued your dog from a shelter or organization, which is why we are celebrating mixed dog breeds with some fun photos and facts.





Celebrating Mixed Dog Breeds

BELLA, Border Collie/Labrador/German Shepherd


Krissy Nordstrom-Young and her dog, Bella, were our last pair of the day and another duo that traveled over four hours to join us. After a quick jaunt to the nearby dog park to work off some energy, goofy, loving, and motivated Bella settled right down to business. Krissy figures Bella is comprised of Border Collie, Labrador, and German Shepherd, her parents two farm dogs in a small farming community, allegedly Border Collie/Black Lab and Border Collie/German Shepherd mixes. Krissy tells us, “Bella came from a litter of 14 puppies, believe it or not. The day we took her home we were not intending to come home with a dog. The litter was unplanned for on the owner’s part so they were pretty overwhelmed by the extra 14 dogs in their house. The mom had stopped feeding the puppies so the owner told us it was now or never… we of course could not walk away without Bella!” Best part of this particular mix? “Bella is extremely loyal and loving, super energetic, and yet she has the ability to be calm and quiet when needed,” Krissy says. “We have the best of both worlds with her.” Read more about Mixed Dog Breeds in Mutts, Glorious Mutts! here.

When we take a look at celebrating mixed dog breeds we are reminded of how precious each and every dog is. There is so much variety, and many animals available just waiting for loving homes in shelters and rescue groups. It is a good idea to get to know the traits of a particular dog breed, such as a Chihuahua-Pug mix, in order to find the right fit for your family.

Tell us below what breed(s) your small dog is!

“Meet Some Great Mixed Dog Breeds”