04 February 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Can a Small Dog Use a Litter Box? Video Shows It’s Possible

“Look at me mom and dad. I can use the litter box. Woof!”

Do you have a new puppy or small dog whom you would like to train to go potty indoors? Many pet owners find themselves in a certain living situation where taking their small dog outdoors is a challenge. With proper training you can train them to go in a litter box.

Today’s video will give you some tips on how train your puppy to go potty indoors. You will see that it is simple to do and will help save your house from accidents. For more information on how to stop your small dog from marking indoors, we have a great article on this entitled, Prevent Your Small Dog From Marking Inside.

Can a Small Dog Use a Litter Box? Video Show’s It’s Possible

NOTE:  We are not endorsing nor have we purchased the book mentioned.  We share this video to let you know what is possible that you might not have considered and why it could be beneficial.

If this video has helped you learn some new tips on how to train your small dog puppy to go potty indoors with a litter box, let us know!