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Best Small Dogs for Empty Nesters

There are many different small dog breeds that work well for older adults. Follow Me on Pinterest

There are many different small dog breeds that work well for older adults.

“I’m the perfect, calm dog for you. Woof!”

Seasons change in life, as do our ways of living. As things start to slow down many of us are not longing for a high-energy pet. Here are the best small dogs for empty nesters and seasoned citizens.





Best Small Dogs for Empty Nesters

People are always asking Cesar, “Which breed of dog is the right one for me?” His answer to the question is that breed doesn’t matter. Energy does. If you want to have a balanced relationship, start with a dog with an energy level the same or lower than yours.


However, breed can make some difference if the potential owners have certain physical limitations. You probably shouldn’t have a Great Dane if you live in a studio apartment, or a slobbery bulldog if you have allergies.


Likewise, as humans age, they may experience changes that can limit whether they can have a dog, or what kind of dog they can have. The changes can be medical, like arthritis, or situational, like moving from a large house to a small apartment or retirement community. This doesn’t mean that seniors can’t or shouldn’t have dogs. It just means there can be more things than energy level to consider when getting a dog at this stage of life. See the recommendations below:


Lower energy dogs
As people age, many of them become less physically active than they used to be, whether because life’s demands are fewer or physical abilities decline. The college athlete at 20 may be a couch potato at 65. Because of this, seniors should avoid high-energy dogs like Dalmatians if they’re not up to fulfilling the dog’s need for exercise. Read more about Seniors and Dogs in Senior citizen canines: Dog breeds for mature pack leaders here.

When choosing a new fur baby for your home it’s important to research and know more about the breed or breed mix before making a final decision. Hopfully these tips on the best small dogs for empty nesters will help you decide which type works for your personality and lifestyle. You’re never too old to adopt a new fur friend!

What breed of dog do you recommend for seniors?

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