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Riding the New York Subway

Beginning at the age of 8, I become the self-proclaimed “Ambassador of Small Dog Travel” and traveled not just around the corner, but literally around the world with my companion, Susan Gilbert – several times.  Ask me which is my favorite country – hint – ooh la la.

Soon I become no stranger to the intricacies of taking a potty break in a busy airport,  keeping warm in flight, cruising in open-air buses and planes.  Before I knew it, I became a role model for small dogs and their owners.  Everyone started asking my companion, Susan, how did she take me everywhere???

Though small in stature at a mere 3 pounds, I feel quite at home in a seminar, on stage with my speaker-author companion, or while meeting new people everywhere.  We find that I get to meet more people than Susan would if she were traveling along.  I’m kind of a natural conversation starter, and have met and been photographed with other authors, celebrities and dog lovers everywhere.

If you are a small dog owner yearning to take your little dog with you when you leave the house, I’m your man, errr Ambassador –  to show you exactly how to do it.

And along the way, I’ve been able to help people learn so much about how to help their small dogs in many other ways.  So read my blog, please comment.  I’m so glad you are here.


Read about just one of my adventures here, and I promise to post more soon,


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Me with my Mom



Travelin’ Tales—Spencer Meets Someone Important In Paris

When Mom and I were returning from our first adventure ‘across the big pond’, we arrived at the Charles Degaulle airport after a harrowing drive on something called the ring road around Paris.  (All I know is I’ve never seen so many cars and motor bikes zipping in front of and around our car.  I buried my face in my bag more than once!)

Well, by the time Mom returned got to the airport, found the right terminal (le terminal 2) and got us all checked in, she needed a cup of coffee.  I was happy to see Mom calmer and not looking at her watch every few minutes!  We went to a place called the Red Carpet Room.  I thought they had set up this special place in honor of my completion of this first international trip, but she said no, it’s always here.

She set my travel bag down in a chair, and the top was open so I could pop my head up and check out the people and the room.  When Mom returned with her coffee, I had already gathered a crowd of smiling, curious people who asked us questions about our trip and about me.  I got lots of pats on the head and loving strokes down my back.

When an announcement was made that our flight to Chicago was boarding, most of the people in the room grabbed their belongings and left.  Mom’s coffee was cold by now, and she went back for a quick hot refill.  A very distinguished looking man was seated next to me, when she returned.  I’d seen him watching us from the other side of the room and was glad to have him come over and visit.  The man explained that he and his wife didn’t have children, except for the little Maltese they had rescued and named Lucky.  He said that she was their little girl, and Mom nodded in understanding.

When they called out for boarding to Chicago again, Mom said, “I guess we’d better get going.”  He replied, “Oh, I’m not on this flight.  I’m headed for Washington DC.  He reached in his pocket, handed Mom his card and she in turn gave him hers (I didn’t have my own yet, like I do today!).  Mom read the man’s name, William, and said, “Do you go by Bill?”  He replied, “Yes, I do.”  And then she picked up my bag, and turned towards the door, saying, “It’s been nice chatting with you, Bill. Have a safe fight.”

It wasn’t until sometime later when Mom looked fully at the card and realized that we had met William Cohen, former Secretary of Defense (whatever that means.  I just thought he was a very nice man, and he knew exactly how I liked to be petted.)  Since then Mom and he have corresponded.  She sent him a copy of her book, “The Land of I Can” and we’ve found out that he is a writer also.  He wrote us an email one day, saying that maybe he should be taking Lucky with him to his speaking engagements.  That’s when I realized I was a trend setter.  Cool!