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10 Things You Need To Know If You’re Flying With Your Dog

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1) Make sure they are healthy enough to fly
If they are too young, too anxious or have certain health issues, they might not be a good travel buddy.
2) Pay attention to they pet fee
These vary by airline. One airline might have a cheeper ticket, but charge more to fly your small dog.
3) Ask the airline if your small dog is allowed in-cabin
Your small dog needs to fit in an airline approved carrier under the seat.
4) If your small dog has to fly cargo, consider leaving him at home instead
Many pets transported in cargo go missing or hurt every year. Check with your vet to make sure your pet will be ok with a cargo area flight.
5) Choose a direct flight
A direct flight is much easier on your dog, in cargo area or in the cabin.
6) After booking a ticket, reserve a spot for our small dog ASAP
Most airlines limit how many dogs and cats are on a flight. You can even call before buying the ticket to make sure there is room for your small dog.
7) Do extra research if you are visiting another country
Additional vaccination and quarantine time differs from each country.
8)Have your small dog microchipped and have an ID tag
9)Get Plenty of exercise the day of your flight
Find out if the airport has a pet relief area for preflight pee or poo
10) Turn up the comfort
Bring a familiar toy to help him relax or an anxiety vest

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